February 21, 2011

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This sweet smoothie has been my daily breakfast choice for months now.  It took some trying to find the perfect ingredient combo, and now that I have, I won’t give this smoothie up—even in the cold winter months.  It’s perfect if you are on-the-go—and even if you aren’t, it’s good for bringing a little sunshine to your morning!  You can vary these ingredients in so many ways, but this is my favorite fail-proof smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
An Angie Original

What You Need:

8 oz. Vanilla Lite Soy Milk
2 – 3 frozen strawberries
1 medium banana

What You Do:

1.    Blend until smooth
2.    Enjoy!

I use THIS wonderful personal blender from Hamilton Beach. It makes this process as simple as can be, since it doubles as a to-go cup with lid. If pouring into a different glass, these ingredients make a perfect 16 oz. smoothie!  Clearly you could substitute any berry, add protein powder, use regular milk, etc.  I prefer the Vanilla Lite Soy, because it adds a subtle sweetness and helps create a nice creamy consistency.  For something with so few ingredients, I always feel pleasantly satisfied after having this sippable breakfast alongside my morning coffee.


Kate said...

That looks good on a dreary morning :)

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