The House Rules

I am NOT a foodie, but I do like food an awful lot!

My housewife by happenstance status can also be read as “working professional currently between jobs”.

I have lived a previous life as an event coordinator and wedding planner and am currently looking for my next opportunity in my new home-base.

My story isn’t a unique one; I’m average 20-something girl who grew up bred for college and the working world.  Somewhere along the line I never took much interest in learning the basics of cooking and cleaning.

Now, as a wife to a husband who knows even less about cooking and housekeeping, I am working to figure it all out.

If you are offended by the term “housewife” try reading into things a little differently.  I am not a wife who is married to her home, but I am a wife who works hard in her home and takes pride in doing the best job she can.

Oh, and did I mention that my mother-in-law is a chef?! 
Yeah, no pressure.